Work Here

Work Here

Our company has an exceptional reputation due to the outstanding performance of our tutors coupled with the hard-work and dedication of our students. We believe in rewarding our educators for the exceptional work they do.

If you desire an opportunity to have a profound impact on countless lives while being adaquetely compensated for your talents, we welcome you to apply. To be considered you must include a cover letter detailing your previous teaching/tutoring experience, the specific subjects/grades you are capable of tutoring, languages you speak fluently, boroughs you would like to work in, and current availability.

We are currently hiring certified and uncertified educators, including college students, for the following positions: 

K – 8th Grade Tutor (All Subjects)
High School Tutor (All Subjects)
SAT Tutor (Critical Thinking, Math, & Writing)

ELA & Math State Exam Prep Teacher (grades 3 – 8)
Science State Exam Prep Teacher (grades 4 & 8)
High School Regents Prep Teacher (All Subjects)
SAT Test Prep Teacher (Critical Thinking, Math, & Writing)

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