Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose Bright Future Tutoring Services?

Bright Future Tutoring Services was founded by an experienced educator who genuinely enjoys teaching, and has successfully assisted numerous families in achieving their academic goals. Our tutors have a passion for teaching and demonstrate their ability to effectively simplify formally challenging topics. We prove our ability to generate results prior to collecting payment(s), our prices are affordable, and our track record is exemplary.

2. Where is your office located?

We currently utilize The Martial Way Kung-Fu Training Center located at 167A Dreiser Loop / Bronx, NY 10475 to host small-group tutoring and essential weekend classes. Our company only rents the facility on a part-time basis. A permanent office space is not necessary at the moment because we offer at-home tutoring services. We will open a permanent office in the near future solely for small-group tutoring and essential classes such as SAT Prep, State Exam Prep, Regents Prep, Math Workshops, Reading Comprehension Workshops, Beginner/Conversational Spanish Workshops, Writing Workshops, etc.

3. What cities and states do you service?

We assist NY residents residing in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem, Manhattan, & Queens.

4. What tutoring services do you offer?

We offer at-home (1-1 or small-group) tutoring, Essential Classes (Essay Writing, Math, & Reading Comprehension), and Test Prep Services (SAT, 3rd – 8th Grade State Exam, & High School Regents Prep).

5. What are the credentials of your tutors?

All of our tutors are assessed to ensure their mastery of the subject matter(s) they wish to assist with. More importantly, they are tested on their ability to simplify that subject matter allowing students who previously found it difficult to easily understand and replicate it.

One-to-One tutors are college students in excellent academic standing or graduates. Small-group tutors are college graduates and/or effective, experienced tutors/teachers.

Due to the success of our company depending on the quality of our tutors, we ensure that our thorough hiring process results in us carefully selecting educators that meet our expectations and those of our valued customers.

6. Where do tutoring sessions take place?

Various classes and small-group tutoring are available at our Co-op City location in the Bronx. At-home (1-1 or small-group) sessions take place at the students’ home or at the local library.

7. Do you offer team and organization discounts?

Yes, we offer team and organization discounts. Please call us at 718-989-2899, leave a message, and we will return your call at our earliest convenience.

8. Do you accept government programs?

Unfortunately we do not accept government programs at this time, however we are researching the process and will post updates as they arise.

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