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Bright Future Tutoring Services was founded by a passionate parent, teacher, tutor and sports coach that felt his strengths would be utilized best in an open arena allowing him to address the most glaring concerns of parents and children. Under his leadership, we seek to continually provide replicable, innovative and confidence-building instruction that allows our students to achieve success, thus motivating them to utilize their idle time to improve academically. We specialize in 3rd – 8th Grade State Exam Prep and High School Regents Prep.

Our mission is to expand the options of the communities we serve by providing convenient, essential services while considering their logistical and financial limitations. Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow, therefore we believe in providing them with the confidence, knowledge, motivation and belief in self required to set and achieve lofty goals.

We also understand the vital role parents play in the success of our youth. By offering useful services to adults in an effort to expand their earning potential and options, we believe families will thrive. Bright Future Tutoring Services believes working together is paramount to success.

We tutor our customers at their home or the local library to make the experience as convenient as possible. Our tutors are put through a rigorous process to ensure their capability of meeting and exceeding our expectations. They are experts in the specific subjects areas they provide assistance with. Frequent student progress reports and tutor evaluation surveys are completed to ensure that our students and tutors are continually devoting their best effort.

Customer satisfaction is not only a priority of ours, it’s something we demand and expect from our staff. 100% of our surveyed customers would refer our company to others and many of them have. Consequently, a significant amount of our customers are direct results of customer referrals. This is a testament to the value we place on each customer depicted by the overwhelmingly positive results they attain.

In the near future we will open a permanent office and offer year-round classes in content areas vital to the advancement of the communities we serve. We are a small business with immense aspirations that will continue to draw on our experiences and customer feedback to assist us in addressing the needs specific to our current and future clients. We look forward to working with you soon!

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